"Say kids, what time it is?"

It's time for the Howdy Doody Sing-A-Long!

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"Say kids, what time is it? It's Howdy Doody Time!


It's Howdy Doody Time! It's Howdy Doody Time!


Bob Smith and Howdy too, Say Howdy Do to you!

Let's give a rousing cheer, Cause Howdy Doody's here,

Its time to start the show, So kids lets go!"

-Edward Kean




was the first network kids show to run 5 days a week, the first network show of the day (in the beginning it was preceded by the daily test pattern), the first television show ever broadcast in color, and the first show ever to air more than 1,000 continuous episodes.


In December of 1947, when Buffalo Bob Smith (born Robert Schmidt on 11/27/17) created and aired HOWDY DOODY, there were only 20,000 American homes that even had television sets.


NBC only had six stations in the beginning, and HOWDY DOODY is credited as a major factor in the growth and popularity of that network. From the original show’s inception on December 27, 1947 until it’s final airing on NBC on December 30, 1960, HOWDY DOODY visited our homes 2,543 times.


Winner of the Peabody Award for Excellence in Children’s Programming.





In the mid '70's Buffalo Bob was coaxed to revisit Doodyville, and created 130 color episodes which ran for 2 years, and were then put into a vault for safekeeping and posterity.


These "Lost Episodes" have recently been rediscovered and now owned by MemoryLane Syndication, Inc.


We have restored, digitized, and added closed captioning to all 130 full color episodes, for the delight of today’s children , and the child in each of HOWDY’S old friends.


These NEW HOWDY DOODY episodes had a limited Home Video Release in 2004.  The complete Series is now on Network Television and is available in Home Video as First Time Digital Streaming and DVD versions from MEMORY LANE SYNDICATION.


For the millions of past, present and future HOWDY DOODY fans around the world, Buffalo Bob is happy to say, "Say Kids, what time is it?". The resounding answer once again is "It’s HOWDY DOODY time"!



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TV the way it used to be!  All our friends are back home  again in Doodyville Howdy and Buffalo Bob forever.  Clarabell funny tricks and seltzer. With all your favorite Doodyville  players like Mr. Bluster, Flub - a - Dub, Dilly Dally. Great new friends  like Happy Harmony and Nick Muir. Plus special guests John J. Fadoozle, Aunt Prunella, Sally Superstar, with more new stories.  And the Peanut Gallery singing, dancing, playing games and learning too!


Running Time Approx. 630 Minutes on 5 DVDs



THE NEW HOWDY DOODY SHOW” TV Series is approved by the FCC as Children’s Core Programming, and consists of the following 26 Original Programs with 5 Episodes each:


1. Phantom of Doody O Studio


2. Doodyville Art Festival


3. Prunella Story, The


4. Music Appreciation


5. Unhappy Happy


6. Clown Tamer, The


7. Doodyville Documentary


8. Glory Grits


9. Bionic Clown


10. Psychic Prunella


11. Davis Dilemma


12. Fibadoodle


13. King Cobb


14. Propman Blinky


15. Sally Superstar


16. Scuttlebutt Caper, The


17. Dilly Dally’s Birthday


18. Clarabelle’s Fun Show


19. Wizard of Wit


20. Good Behavior Contest


21. Doodyville Fair


22. Magic Contest


23. Doodyville Laff – A – Thon


24. Peanut Parade


25. Grab Bag


26. Song Fest




Special Collector’s Edition

25 Episodes on 5 DVDs


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